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UEFA Champions League/Europa League 2013-2014

With pleasure, we inform you that our members have prepared the destinations in their country for coming season of the Champions League and Europa League:
* Croatia                      * England                * Greece              * Luxemburg
* Cyprus                       * France                 * Italy                  * Romania                          More info >>

Custom-made packages.

All partners within Network4SportsTravel re well versed in creating custom-maed packages thus fulfilling your wishes. You can be assured that you’re dealing with the very best professionals in the travel industry and all rightfully boasting excellent reputations.



Network4SportsTravel member stand for creativity and dedication. We are there to provide you with solutions in circumstances that are never the same. Each and every time we enjoy the challenge of delivering a smoothly-run operation.

We are fully aware of the fact that you need to rely upon the kowledge and flexibity of the DMC who knows his way around and can rely on valuable connections in all sorts of services.

Members of Network4SportsTravel are skilled, flexible and dedicated travel professionals that take pride in offering all sorts of travel solutions for sport groups.


Network4SportsTravel is created as a promotional collaboration for her members.

The force of this network is that the selected members are specialists in their own territories and have a wide experience of sports travel. This experience does not stand alone.


We work for clubs directly or for their travel agents. If we handle your team, your VIPs, business club or group of supporters, each group gets our full dedication.

We take the time to show you around the destination, offering the most suitable hotels, busses, limousines, restaurants, excursions, multi-lingual assistants and many other services. In the preparation of your stay, we also supply an array of background information. And of course during the operation, from the moment that you set foot on the ground, we assist you and your clients continuously.


When you choose a Network4SportsTravel member, you choose quality.